About us


We are a group of native women from Land Below the Wind – Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. We run a social enterprise investing in sustainable products and empowering the indigenous people to drive their business to grow and develop.
This a gain will lead our business to be able to supply meaningful products with a story that matters – A story that can enable people to remain and live in small villages with easy access to raw materials from the rainforest and getting their products distributed to the world.
Some of the flagship products that we have here are, Virgin Coconut Oil, Lemongrass Insect Repellent, Borneo Coffee Scrub and Soaps from plant extract. We harvest the best of raw materials and extract the best essence to process our downstream products. With our core value, here is our MOTTO :
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Our Mission

  • To produce the arts and craft that are unique to Borneo, based on grassroot resilience.
  • To enhance production facilities and moving towards GMP certification.
  • To emphasize on hiring from the local communities including indigenous and disabled individuals (OKU).

Our Vision

Empowering the indigenous people of Borneo rainforest and making a shift towards a sustainable world.

Melissa Alut Lim

A born bred Sabahan lass; Native Chinese (Sino- Kadazan), with a clinging sense of affection towards Borneo eco-tourism, Melissa pursue her localized Nature Guide license in 2011, enable her to guide you through North Borneo from mountain high to ocean deep.

“My mission is to deliver the wonderful nature of Borneo to the other parts of the world while connecting the indigenous community of Borneo by imparting skills and know-how transfer, with the objective to eliminate poverty and encourage sustainable living and preservation of cultural diversity.”


Passionate, outspoken, young lass of mix Filipino-Chinese parentage. Due to financial constraints and family obligation, Rosabelle started working since she finished high school. While taking care of her autistic brother, she joined Rustic Borneo Craft, as her transition career. Her passion and eager to learn has enabled her to grow together with RBC; be it soft and hard skills.


This is Jaili, we called her Aunty Jaily as she is the eldest in the team. she is hail from Kampung Sinopukan, district of Kiulu, a mother of children and been with RBC since 2016. Haili has her passion in craft & soap making since being introduced to this industry. However, due to her illiteracy, she can only learn by heart and hands on from our research team. As the eldest, she serves like a buffer in the factory to ensure all are being supported during the peak season.


Elezabith or known as “Betty Nunu” is our shinning star, we welcome Ele to the team in 2018. She is our decor expert and with her passion in arts and crafts, she has also bring in plenty of innovation and ideas in the soap making industry. Taking Rustic Borneo as the platform, Ele learns her skills not just in making craft but also in entrepreneurship. Her dream is to have her own craft shop and continue to preserve the handicraft of Sabah from extinction.


Hail from the Kpg.Gorontung, Kota Marudu, Hanjeey is the daughter of Aunty Jaili whom has just joint us last year (2018). Hanjeey managed to further her study and obtained a Diploma in Information System. However luck is not on her side, her husband has left her and since then she has been single parenting with 2 beautiful children around her. Hanjeey is our store keeper and GMP document recorder. She is the one getting all production material in take without shortage before production, as detail as she could, Hanjeey also manages our end products quality control check, to ensure all products achieved satisfactory.


Zeno Yang is the thorn among the roses in the RBC team. He is special and play much important role in RBC day to day operation. To the world outside, he maybe lost, however, his whole heart and soul stays in RBC production house, his ability to focus on the handmade skills is extraordinaire. You may not be able to communicate with him due to his hearing difficulties; a sign of palm fist is where he knows you are friendly to him.